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Petroleum and Energy Science Series Published Overseas

Recently, an online signing ceremony for exporting the copyright of Petroleum and Energy Science Series to Издательство «Ношир» (a leading press from Tajikistan) was jointly held by the Office of International Affairs of UPC and China University of Petroleum Press.

Petroleum and Energy Science Series

Edited by Academician Hao Fang, Petroleum and Energy Science Seriesis a set of comic science books focusing on petroleum and energy. It is the first set of science books to introduce the whole petroleum industry chain and the development and transformation of new energy, which aims to popularize the scientific knowledge of petroleum and energy for the general readers, and to improve the understanding of the public, especially young people, on petroleum and energy. The Chinese version of the series was published by China University of Petroleum Press on the eve of the 70th anniversary of UPC in September 2023, including 5 volumes: Encounter across Aeons: Birth and Discovery of Oil and GasTen Thousand Meters Underground: Drilling and Exploitation of Oil and GasFantastic Journey across Mountains and Rivers: Storage and Transportation of Oil and GasMagnificent Transformation of a Drop of Oil: Refining and Application of Petroleum and Exploring Energy Future: Development and Revolution of New Energy. Through vivid writing, great interest and beautiful drawing, the series opens a door for readers to understand petroleum energy science, leading young people to actively learn scientific and cultural knowledge and strive to explore the future energy world.

The signing of the copyright export agreement of the series

The signing of the copyright export agreement of the series is an important measure for UPC to focus on the requirements of the national education external development strategy and implement the export of petroleum science books to the Belt and Road countries, which will further promote the educational exchange and cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road and enhance the cultural exchanges between China and Tajikistan. The successful export of the copyright is also strongly supported by the Confucius Institute of Mining-metallurgy Institute of Tajikistan.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan

Updated: 2024-04-30

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