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UPC Won 5 Finalist Awards in 2022 MCM/ICM

Recently, China University of Petroleum (East China) (UPC) has achieved big progress in the 2022Mathematical Contestin Modelingand Interdisciplinary Contestin Modeling (MCM/ICM), including 5 Finalist Winner awards, which has been a new breakthrough and has set a new record since 2018, when our university won it for the first time. Besides, our university also won 20 Meritorious Winner awards and 38 Honorable Mention awards.

A total of 27,205 teams from China, the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and other countries and regions participated in the contest. The 6 levels of awards set for the contest are as follows:Outstanding Winner (covering 0.16%), Finalist Winner (2.51%), Meritorious Winner (6.60%), and Honorable Mention (21.33%), Successful Participant and Unsuccessful Participant.

As one of the core discipline contests recognized by UPC, MCM/ICM is an important carrier for cultivating innovative talents. In order to improve students’ achievements in the contest, UPC and College of Science have given priority support in many aspects, and have done a lot of work in contest publicity, selection, training, organization etc. All teams areassigneddedicated instructorsand pre-match intensive training had been conducted inequation model and solution, data analysis and processing, optimization model and solution, writing, comprehensive lectures, etc., which significantly improved students’ ability of applied mathematics.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan


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