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The 4th Congress of China Geodesy and Geophysics Held in UPC

On July 17, the 4th Congress of China Geodesy and Geophysics was held in China University of Petroleum. Hosted by CNC-IUG(Chinese National Committee for International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) and organized by UPC, the congress has attracted more than 3300 experts, scholars and graduates students from universities and institutions.

 Academician Xia Jun, Chairman of CNC-IUG, delivered a speech.

 Professor Kathryn Whaler,IUGG Chairman,delivered a speech.

Academician Hao Fang, President of China University of Petroleum, delivered a speech.

Committed to earth science research, CNC-IUGG has aimed at promoting and coordinating the research on the earth and its environmental problems in interstellar space; promoting domestic and international cooperation in geodesy, geophysics and related geosciences, and focusing on the knowledge application for the needs of social development, such as the exploration of earth resources, mitigation of earth natural disasters, improvement and protection of the earth’s environment and sustainable social and economic development. Since 2014, it has held the Conference of China Geodesy and Geophysics every two years.

Experts gave reports based on their research and findings.

This year, the theme is Maritime Silk Road and Earth System Sciences, involving cryosphere, geodesy, geomagnetism and high-altitude physics, hydrology, meteorology and atmospheric science, Marine physics, seismology and physics of the earth's interior, volcanology and chemistry of the earth's interior, and the interdisciplinary sciences, etc. It adopted conference formats such as conferences, joint branches, and associations branches. The conference also established Outstanding Student Paper Award, to encourage more young scholars to join in.

 The conference has strengthened the understanding of geodesy and geophysics through more than 300 exhibition board reports and more than 700 branch reports. It has summarized the latest developments and achievements in theory, technology and application, and promoted technical exchanges.

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