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UPC Won First Prize in C4-GPLT

Recently, the results of National Finals of 5th China Collegiate Computing Contest - Group Programming Ladder Tournament (hereafter as C4-GPLT) are announced. Students from our university have achieved excellent results, including 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of team as well as 1 first prize of university group.

C4-GPLT is jointly sponsored by Higher Education Steering Committee for Professional Computer Teaching, Professional Software Engineering Teaching and Computer Course Teaching under the Ministry of Education, and Association of Computing Education in Chinese Universities, aiming to promote the inter-school communication and improve the teaching level of programming. Meanwhile, it also aims to cultivate students’ talent of using computer to analyze and solve problems, to enhance the sense of teamwork as well as to improve comprehensive quality, enriching the academic and cultural atmosphere on campus.

The competition includes basic topics, advanced topics and top topics. Each team is composed of 10 people, each of whom completes his/her own topic independently. During the process, it is necessary for team members to implement the strategy formulated by their instructors. According to total score, Team Awards will be presented, and the top three in each school will be selected to compete for University Group Awards.

930 teams from 298 universities including Peking University, Zhejiang University and China University of Petroleum (East China) participated in C4-GPLT. Machine evaluation is applied in the whole process. After evaluation, several awards are presented. For Team Awards, there are 3 special prizes, 47 first prizes, 94 second prizes and 140 third prizes. And for University Group Awards, 3 special prizes, 12 first prizes, 15 second prizes and 30 third prizes are awarded.

Translated by Wang Zimeng 

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