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Great Achievements in 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition

Gold Medal Winners

The awarding ceremony of 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition was held in Northeast Forestry University on December 9th. Students from our university took part in the competition and won 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal and the Challenge Trophy.

Final Defense of “Star Road Sailing” Team

The project that won Gold Medal is entitled “Star Road Sailing-creating a new mode of accurate employment for autistic youth”. The team is committed to helping more autistic youth master work and life skills, so that they can become dignified creators in society. Since 2017, the team has called more than 1600 college student volunteers to carry out 82 large-scale volunteer activities, with a service time of more than 18000 hours. It has established an accurate employment mode, including the process of screening and assessment, precise matching, training and employment, through which 29 autistic youth obtained their jobs.

Final Defense of “ Chip Technology in Qingdao” Team

The project entitled “Chip Technology in Qingdao - the breakthrough of high-performance gas and humidity sensor chip in China” won Silver Medal. The team made great R&D breakthroughs in a number of core technologies of gas and humidity sensor chip. They have selected 2D materials with specific sensitivity from hundreds of materials and used nano-scale modification technology to realize complementary advantages of different sensing materials. Besides, they have compiled and debugged intelligent pattern recognition algorithm to correct gas errors. Compared with similar products, the developed gas and humidity sensor chip has significantly improved the resolution and anti-interference, greatly shortened the response time, and controlled the cost at a lower level, effectively filling the supply gap of high-end gas and humidity sensor chip in China.

Final Defense of “Song of Ice and Fire” Team

The project entitled “Song of Ice and Fire: leader of efficient mining technology for combustible ice” also won Silver Medal. The team has created a green, efficient, safe and low-cost mining method and developed high-tech mining equipment. After nearly three years of field investigation, numerical simulation and indoor experiment, the equipment for efficient mining of combustible ice, based on energy separation effect, has been developed, which is featured by low energy consumption, high mining efficiency and low mining risk, effectively making up for the shortage of existing mining equipment.

The project entitled “Future with Intelligence - a one-stop solution provider for science and innovation education with ‘systematic teacher training’ as the core” won Bronze Medal. The team aims to solve the problem of teacher shortage, and to launch a one-stop science and innovation education solution including advanced and standardized teachers’ training, customized hardware and facilities’ construction and multi-theme science and innovation space. Since 2018, the standardized product system has trained more than 800 teachers from 24 places in 8 provinces, and completed the integrated construction of science and innovation resources for 49 schools and communities, benefiting a total of 27000 students. It has signed contracts with 9 science and education companies and 11 universities. Meanwhile, it has been reported by 12 media such as Youth.cn, and supported and recognized by Shandong Association for Science and Technology and Qingdao Education Bureau.

In-depth Discussion with Instructors

Since the start-up of this competition in universities, 7122 students from 16 Schools in our university have participated in it. The University actively set up a training platform to guide students from the aspects of entrepreneurship plan, business model, team culture and core competitiveness, so as to ensure and improve the entries’ quality of the participating teams in an all-round way, laying a foundation for the excellent success achieved in this competition.

This year’s“Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competitionfocuses on the Party’s educational function. It has set up five groups: technological innovation and future industries, rural revitalization and poverty alleviation, urban governance and social services, ecological environment protection and sustainable development, cultural creativity and regional cooperation. At the same time, it has also set up “through train” channel and “eight series of activities”. The competition attracted 179 thousand projects from 2786 universities across the country, including Hong Kong and Macao with a total of 924 thousand students. After evaluation, 1439 entries were shortlisted in the national finals, and 144 of them won Gold Medals.

“Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competitionis jointly sponsored by Communist Youth League Central Committee, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and All-China Students’ Federation, and is held every two years. Known as the “Olympic” event in academic science and technology for Chinese college students, it is a top-level innovative and enterprising competition in China.

Translated by Wang Zimeng 

Reviewed by Chun Liu

Updated: 2020-12-22

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