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UPC Defended its Championship in Shangdong Provincial Trials of NYSFL (University Group)

The Finals of 2020-2021 National Youth School Football League (NYSFL) were held in Shandong Luneng Football School on November 17. The football team of China University of Petroleum (East China) (hereafter as UPC) defeated the team of Shandong University by 4:0, successfully defending the championship in the qualifying games, and is qualified for the competition on behalf of Shandong Province in National Regional Games. Yuan Dewang from School of Humanities and Law and Muhbra Memetituersun from School of Geosciences won the title of “Excellent Athlete”.

The football team from UPC consists of 3 postgraduates and 17 undergraduates, which is led by Wang Feng from Department of Physical Education, with Wang Qiang as the coach, Chen Xiaowei as the assistant coach and Sheng Shouzheng, a postgraduate of Grade 2018 from School of Geosciences, as the captain.

Our football team was founded in 1953, and has won five consecutive champion titles in University Football Games in Beijing. Composed of high level athletes, our football team once won the second runner-up in the 2nd National College Football Game in 1989. In November 2016, our team participated in Shandong Provincial Trials of NYSFL for the first time and took the top honor. Within the next three years, the team entered the top eight of 2016-2017 CUFA (northeast area) and won many honors such as the second runner-up of the qualifying games of 2016-2017 National College Students’ Five-A Football League in Shandong Province, and of “Mayor’s Cup” Football Game.

NYSFL was jointly founded by Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education of Ministry of Education and China Sports School Federation (CSSF) in 1999, formerly known as China High School Football League, and renamed as NYSFL in 2014. The event adopts the centralized game system, covering all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The competition lasts from October to July of the following year, and is divided into three phases: provincial games, regional games and finals. Founded in 2000, CUFA was incorporated into NYSFL in 2018. With the widest range of participation and the highest level of competition, its influence now ranks the highest in China.

The National Trails in Shandong Province has attracted teams from many universities, such as UPC and Shandong University, including 12 super teams, 12 campus teams and 17 higher vocational teams. Top two of the campus group will participate in National Regional Games on behalf of Shandong Province.

Translated by Wang Zimeng 

Viewed by Chun Liu

Updated: 2020-11-26

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