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UPC 70th Anniversary Flag Transmission in Houston Held Successfully

In order to carry forward the spirit of UPC, stimulate the enthusiasm for struggle, gather the strength of alumni, and seek high-quality development of the university, UPC held a university situation briefing and forum in Houston, USA, on the morning of August 5, local time.Vice President Dai Caili attended the event to listen to and solicit alumni’s opinions and suggestions on the development of our university.At the same time, the forum held the 70th anniversary flag transmission of UPC in Houston station, which opened the prelude to the overseas transmission of the flag.

University Situation Briefing and Forum

Dai Caili was presenting Guan Linhua with the “Alumni Star” medal

Dai Caili presented Guan Linhua with the “Alumni Star” medal and expressed her sincere congratulations. She said that UPC was truly proud of the outstanding achievements made by the alumni in the United States represented by Guan Linhua and Zhu Xianhuai.

Dai Caili was making situation briefing of UPC

Alumni were sharing memories and offering their best wishes for the 70th anniversary of UPC

Dai Caili was presenting the alumni representative Zhang Zhe with the 70th anniversary flag

The alumni was taking a group photo and recording a video for the anniversary

The attending alumni shared a fond review of the good times of university study life, expressed their grateful to the training of the alma mater and the edification of teachers, and actively offered suggestions for the development of UPC. And they took a group photo together and recorded a video of celebration to express their wishes for the 70th anniversary of UPC.

In the afternoon, UPC held an overseas young scholar exchange meeting, which was attended by more than 20 young scholars from Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, Colorado School of Mines and other universities.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan

Updated: 2023-08-27

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