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Students in UPC Won Gold Award in 47th ICPC

Recently, the Asia Regional Competition (Shenyang) of the 47th ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) successfully concluded. The team of UPC stood out from 701 official teams from 286 participating universities, won the gold award with penalty 888 minutes for 6 questions, ranking 13th, achieving the first gold award of the university in this competition. The team is composed of Chen Kaiyi, 2020 student of computer science and technology, Wang Chuan, 2021 student of computer science and technology, and Xu Jinyang, 2021 student of data science and big data technology. And the instructor is Zhang Xuehui, associate professor of Qingdao Institute of Software and College of Computer Science and Technology.

ICPC ranks the fourth in the national college discipline competition rankings. It aims to demonstrate and improve college students’ innovative ability, team spirit, and ability to analyze and solve problems under pressure. At present, it has developed into the most influential college student computer competition, known as “the Olympics of programming competition”. The questions of the competition are described in English. And participants are required to complete the reading, algorithm design, coding, debugging and submission of 10-13 questions within 5 hours. The whole process is evaluated by the machine, and the students’ ability of algorithm design, logical reasoning, mathematical modeling, programming and English reading is comprehensively evaluated. The competition finally selected 35 gold, 70 silver and 105 bronze awards.

The team of UPC was promoted by the ACM Club. The ACM Club takes the Asia Regional Competition of ICPC, Group Programming Ladder Tournament and other algorithmic programming competitions as the carriers to explore and practice the training mode of elite talents, focusing on the cultivation and improvement of college students’ social responsibility, independent learning, teamwork and innovation abilities. The team members of UPC began to form a team after joining the club in October 2021 due to their interests. Under the guidance of teachers, they studied hard, cooperated together, and constantly tried and trained to solve problems in various levels and different difficulties, so their abilities were rapidly improved and they finally achieved excellent results.

Translated by Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan

Updated: 2022-11-11

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