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UPC Held the 2022 Graduation and Degree Conferment Ceremony

UPC held the 2022 graduation and degree conferment ceremony in its gymnasium on June 22nd. All the 2022 graduates, university leaders, heads of all colleges andschools, chiefs of related departments attended the ceremony.

President Hao Fang extended his warmest congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates who had successfully completed their studies in his speech, expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to all parents and teachers of the graduates and put forward three hopes.

First, he hoped them to keep their family and nation in mind, to cherish the greatness of our country, to be firm in ideals and beliefs, to be brave to shoulder responsibilities, to combine individual development with social progress, and to make their contribution as graduates of UPC on the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Second, he hoped them to keep the passion to strive forever, tobe ambitious while down-to-earth, to write a great chapter living up to the era and their youth with the spirit, the quality and the ability of courage to strive.

Third,he hoped them to insist on lifelong learning, to cultivate their morality, increase their wisdom and apply their knowledge, and to become talents and achieve their career through lifelong learning.

UPC has a total of 6,726 graduates in 2022, including 4,442 undergraduates, 2,089M.A. students, 135 PhD studentsand 60 international students. Among the graduates, there are 462 provincial outstanding graduates and 461 university-level outstanding graduates. So far, 1,560 graduates have signed contracts with Fortune 500 companies, 1,411 have signed contracts with national energy companies such as PetroChina and Sinopec,229 graduateshavechosen to work in grassroots in western provinces like Xinjiang and Xizang, and 1,681 graduates have stayed in Shandong province or in Qingdao, which showed the improvement of employment quality and level and the high recognition of comprehensive quality of UPC graduates.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan


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