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UPC Participated in the Fifth Annual Conference of ASRTU and Undertook the Academic Seminar

Recently, China University of Petroleum participated in the 2022 Fifth Annual Conference of Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU) online.The conference consisted of the opening ceremony, the China-Russia University Presidents' Forum, the China-Russia Academic Seminar on Ecological, Environmental Protection and Carbon Neutral Development, and the regular working meeting of ASRTU liaison officers. Yao Jun, vice president of UPC, delivered a report at the university president forum and an opening speech at the seminar.

Leaders and representatives from universities in China and Russia participated in the forum, and had a discussion centering on the theme of “University, City and Development”. Vice President Yao Jun, on behalf of UPC, delivered a keynote report entitled “Integrating into the city, Serving the city and Contributing to the city”, reviewed the history of UPC and showed that UPC had focused on the development strategy of Shandong and Qingdao, relied on characteristic disciplines and geographical advantages, specifically carried out disciplines layout, talent cultivation, high-level talent team construction, high-level platform construction, and scientific and technological services, introduced high-level enterprises to the city, created a new name card of culture, and focused on the four strategies and eight industrial clusters, to become a strategic university that contributes to the high-quality development of the city.

Over 200 teachers and students from more than 30 colleges and universities in China and Russia participated in the seminar. They focused on the international science and technology front in ecological environment, carried out in-depth discussion about the issues such as path and countermeasure of regional sustainable development and the scientific connotation and realization of carbon neutrality, further refined the consensus of Chinese and Russian scholars and gave support to the objective of carbon neutrality.

The conference announced that UPC and Gubkin University, Russia would jointly serve as the seventh rotating chairman unit of the ASRTU in 2023-2024. The two universities would also be co-leaders of the ASRTU GREEN Sub-Alliance.

Founded in 2011, ASRTU now has 25 Chinese and 29 Russian member universities. It is a non-profit organization established by elite engineering universities in China and Russia on a voluntary basis, and it is an effective platform for exchanges in higher education under the framework of the China-Russia Cultural Cooperation Committee and the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Sub-Committee of the Regular Meeting between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers, whichcreates a precedent of China-Russiaassociation of similarcolleges and universities. 

Since joining the ASRTU in 2013, UPC has always been committed to promoting exchanges between elite engineering universities in China and Russia. And we have constantly innovated cooperation models and promoted the opening and intercommunication of high-quality education resources to realize the connotative and sustainable development of universities and the association.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan


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