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UPC Won the First Prize in the 17th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition

The first prize winning project “High Precision Seismic Imaging Technology for Deep Petroleum Reservoirs” has developed weak signal amplitude preserving imaging technique, multistage diffraction theory imaging technique and adaptive Gaussian beam migration imaging technique to solve the problems of weak signal, strong interference, complex structure and low exploration rate of deep petroleum reservoirs. The three core technologies help to achieve deep petroleum exploration completely and clearly, and have made great contributions to solving the problem of deep seismic imaging, improving the exploration rate of deep petroleum in China and the localization of imaging software.

UPC attaches great importance to the “Challenge Cup” series competition, focusing on the “Double First-Class” construction and talents cultivation objective, and organizes school competition for all students. 165 project teams from 16 colleges and departments had participated in the competition. Our university has strengthened the tracking cultivation and incubation of the projects through a series of measures such as team building, tutor allocation, project application and financial support. By carrying out online and offline preparation of the competitions, we have solidly and effectively promoted a series of preparatory work such as “spark” winter camp of innovation and entrepreneurship, summer training camp, expert review meeting and simulated defense meeting, and carried out over 70 special training and follow-up counseling activities, in order to ensure and improve the level of the participating projects in an all-round way and promote the quality of talents cultivation.

Translated: Jiang Shaofei

Reviewed: Xu Xiaoyan


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