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Two New Majors Approved to Set up

Recently, MOE announced the result of 2020 Undergraduates Majors Filing and Approval. Two majors, Energy Storage Science and Engineering, IntelliSense Engineering, were approved to set up in China University of Petroleum.

The major, Energy Storage Science and Engineering, meets the need of the national energy strategic transformation and the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. It is committed to cultivating high-quality talents engaged in the new areas of electricity,renewable energy, electric vehicles, distributed energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The major, IntelliSense Engineering, is guided by the theories of modern intelligent sensing, intelligent detection and intelligent data processing, and targeted on cultivating talents engaged in scientific research, technology development, engineering design, operation and management in the fields of information sensing technology, dynamic testing technology, IOT technology, intelligent microsystem and other fields.

 For the university, the establishment of new majors is an important move to optimize discipline layout, and enhance the ability to serve economic and social development. In recent years, UPC actively responds to technological revolution and industrial revolution, and focuses on the needs of the national strategic emerging industry. In the future, it will continuously accelerate the construction of new majors, strengthen connotation construction, and enhance the capability of personnel training.

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