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Teachers’ Day Celebrations in UPC

On the arrival of the 36th Teacher’ Day, the University extended greetings and wishes to all the teachers through series of celebrations, such as holding symposiums, promoting Teacher Morality Construction and paying visits, while the students also expressed their gratitude and respect for teachers in their own way. The campus, therefore, was permeated with a strong atmosphere of “Respect Teachers and Valuing Education”.

Students from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering send blessings totheirteacher.

On September 9th, President Xi expressed congratulations to educators across the country on behalf of the Party Central Committee. Liu Yonghong, National Model Teacher andprofessorof School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, said that he had learned the spirit of President Xi's important message on Teachers’ Day. “As a university teacher, I am deeply inspired and proud, but at the same time, I’m aware of the great responsibility on my shoulder. I will keep in mind the glorious mission of educating students for the Party and the Country andcarry forwardthe great anti-epidemic spirit. I will devote myself to develop more talents for the scientific and technological innovation, and make contributions to the realization of The Two Centennial Goals.” he said.

Group photo of all teachers of School of Geosciences and Technology during the symposium.

On the afternoon of September 9th, School of Geosciences and Technology organized asymposiumfor all teachers to inherit the School’s education culture of “Student-oriented, Moral Education First”. The teachers talked freely about “how to be a good teacher”. Lin Chengyan, Dean of the School, said that young teachers should keep in mind the four-character motto of “inheritance and innovation” to strive hard and contribute to the development of the School.

Students from School of Petroleum Engineering send their best wishes to the teacher.

All students from School of Petroleum Engineering send their best wishes to the teachers by presenting flowers and greeting cards and shooting blessing videos. Liu Yunting, a student from Class 1902 of Marine Oil and Gas, made a hand-painted picture of the group photo, presenting a creative and novel blessing gift to all teachers of the School.

School of Chemical Engineering sends greetings to the teacher with over 30 years teaching experience.

Students from School of Chemical Engineering present flowers for Mr. Yang Guanghua’s statue.

School of Chemical Engineering held the founding meeting of Young Teachers’ Union to encourage young teachers to closely integrate their own development with the School and the University, to yield satisfactory results in the critical period of “Double First-class” Construction of the University. It also carried out an activity for students to express their gratitude to their teachers by sending blessing flowers. Besides, it organized students to present flowers for the bronze statue of Mr. Yang Guanghua and cleaned it, showing their sincere respect.

Postgraduates from School of Storage, Transportation and Architectural Engineering present flowers to their tutor.

On September 8th,School of Storage, Transportation and Architectural Engineeringheld aSymposiumon the Construction of Teachers’ Morality to celebrate Teachers’ Day. Gao Pingfa, Secretary of theSchoolParty Committee, stressed that being a teacher is the most glorious and proud profession in the world. And the students expressed their wishes to the teachers by presenting flowers, cards and sending blessing messages.

Students from School of Materials Science and Engineering send their wishes to their teachers.

The Student Union and Postgraduate Union of School of Materials Science and Engineering called on all students to bow to the teachers and send greetings. Many students also spontaneously bought flowers for their teachers to express their wishes.

Teachers of School of Ocean and Space Information visit the scientific research ship named “Xiangyanghong 01”.

On September 8th, School of Ocean and Space Information organized the faculty to visit the First Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources. They celebrated the festival by visitingthe scientific research ship named “Xiangyanghong 01” andChina Ocean Sample Repository. On the front deck of ship, all Party members of the teachers reviewed the pledge to join the Party and said that they should not forget their original intention. They should take this visit as an opportunity to continuously promote the integration of science and education, and strengthen their determination to become stronger in the field of marine scientific research.

On September 7th, School of Control Science and Engineering held a staff meeting in the new semester. Professor Yu Liandong, Dean of the School, summarized the achievements of the School, and hoped that teachers would take the School as their home. Li Xinshi, Secretary of the School Party Committee, pointed out that the University attaches great importance to the construction of new engineering courses. All teachers and students should seize the opportunity and work hard to make all the work of the School reach a higher level of development.

Postgraduates of School of Foreign Studies extend their best wishes to their tutor.

The School of Foreign Studies launched a series of activities to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. Professor Mao Haoran, Dean of the School and Zhang Yongning, Secretary of the School Party committee, wrote a letter to all teachers to deliver greetings and blessings. On the afternoon of September 10th, the School held a meeting of all the staff in the new semester. Dean Mao made a keynote speech on the development layout of the School from different perspectives.

On Teachers’ Day, Wang Yong, Secretary of Party Committee and President Hao Fang, on behalf of the University, extended their greetings to all the faculty and staff and delivered their sincere thanks to the teachers, students and staff who are fighting in the front line of Epidemic Prevention and Control, and striving for the reform and development of Teaching and Research. They also conveyed their high respect for the staff’s professionalism and deeds of struggle.

Translated by Wang Zimeng

 Reviewed by Chun Liu

Updated: 2020-09-15

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