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Letters from Oversea Partners Show Concerns and Supports

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, teachers and students of China University of Petroleum have been fighting against the epidemic in different ways. To protect the life of teachers and students, the winter holiday has been extended and oversea exchange and visiting reception were also suspended.  However, the communication with oversea institutions was not cut off. The global partners sent their concerns, through letters, for Chinese people and the university. They hoped that the pneumonia outbreak will be defeated as early as possible and were looking forward to more collobaration with UPC in the near future.

In these letters, the partner institutions expressed their deep concerns for Chinese people, especilly Chinese students. To minimize the influence of the novel coronavirus on their study and life,  the institutions would adjust arrangements and programs for them in a proper way. As they said, they would try their best to offer help for Chinese students. In reply, UPC has extended heartfelt thanks to the partners. In the hard time, the friendly greetings and strong supports from oversea partners will give more power and confidence to UPC in combating with the disease.  


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