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Visit to America: More Cooperation and Deeper Investigation on Discipline Construction

The delegation was welcomed by Consul General Li Qiangmin.

The delegation was welcomed by Mr. David Leebron, President of Rice University.

The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Michael Young, President of Texas A&M University.

 The delegation visited Rock Mechanics Testing Laboratory of Rice University. 

On May 19-24, the delegation led by President HAO Fang visited San Antonio and Houston to promote international cooperation and strategy investigation on discipline construction. In particular, the delegation focused on the development of petroleum-related disciplines under the background of shale revolution, university education systems under the rapid development of information technology, and the discipline layout in the context of worldwide energy transformation. They also carried on the thorough discussions on the Sino-American university cooperative education and the modern university management system in the new situation. 

In AAPG ACE2019 held in San Antonio, the delegation held in-depth exchanges and discussions on discipline layout and construction strategies in the context of shale revolution and energy transformation, with the colleagues from AAPG, UT Austin and other American institutions. They also visited the exhibition of the application and promotion of big data and artificial intelligence in the field of oil/gas exploration and production. In addition, they also listened to the presentations on the application of big data and artificial intelligence in AAPG ACE2019.

The delegation visited the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston. President HAO Fang made thorough communications and discussions with Consul General LI Qiangmin and Counsellor LONG Jie on the current situation and future trend of Sino-US cooperation in education, science and technology in the new international environments. The Consulate General also provided constructive comments and suggestions on co-constructing scientific research centers or joint laboratories with American universities.

During the visit in Rice University and Texas A&M University, the delegation was welcomed sincerely by Mr. David Leebron, President of Rice University, and Mr. Michael Young, President of Texas A&M University. They shared viewpoints on university management in current information era and discussed potential pathways of deepening cooperation in student education, academic communication, scientific research cooperation and joint laboratory construction. In particular, President HAO Fang focused on the disciplines layout and disciplines construction strategies under the background of shale revolution and rapid transformation of world energy resources. The delegation also made thorough discussions with the heads of colleges/departments and relevant professors on the cooperative education and the modern university management systems under the new situation. The delegation also discussed with professors in the Departments of Petroleum Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, and Chemical Engineering of Texas A&M University, to strengthen the "111" Intelligence Introduction Program and expand cooperation and training in chemical process safety control.

Translator: Wu Yingga, He Kaifei

Updated: 2019-06-04

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