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UPC selected in the second round of "Double First-class" construction

On February 14, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development and Reform Commission announced the list of the second round of "Double First-Class" universities and construction disciplines, officially launching a new period of Double First-Class Construction. China University of Petroleum (East China) was selected into the new round and the two disciplines, geological resources and geological engineering, petroleum and natural gas engineering, were selected into the new round of "Double First-Class" construction disciplines.

Since being selected into the first round of  "double first-class" construction in 2017, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, UPC formulated the overall concept of "political leadership, reformation first, optimized layout, and cooperative development". Actively serving the national needs , it has highlighted the cultivation of first-class talents, producing first-class scientific achievements, and successfully completed the tasks of the first round of construction. The strength of the two "double first-class" construction disciplines, geological resources and geological engineering, and petroleum and natural gas engineering, has been significantly enhanced. New disciplines, such as new energy, new materials, marine and information have been established and have been developing rapidly . With a multidisciplinary system of coordinated development, the university has witnessed breakthroughs in various undertakings. The ability to serve the national energy strategy and economic and social development has been significantly enhanced. In the new round of "Double First-Class" construction, UPC will be oriented to serve the major needs of the country, take morality education as the foundation,  and enhance the acedemic ability. It will be dedicated to ensure national energy security, promote the development of new energy, and serve the regional economy.

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