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International Education

UPC has 5 National “111 Project” Bases. Every year, the university hosts over 20 international academic conferences or seminars, invites or attracts over 500 overseas well-known experts or scholars to give lectures or make research collaboration. More than 500 faculty and staff members were sent to study abroad and make academic exchanges. More than 1,000 students go abroad for further study or exchange with CSC support or attend inter-school exchange programs. With the help of joining the Sino-EU Engineering Education Platform (SEEEP), University Alliance of Belt and Road (UABR), Association of Sino-Russia Technology Universities (ASRTU) and Association of China-ASEAN Education and Training Centers, China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium, UPC is actively promoting cooperation and exchange programs with regional characteristics. More than 1300 international students are studying in the university. It has got the quality certificate of international education by Ministry of Education.