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New Progresses Made on the Research of Catalytic Reaction

       Recently, researchers of UPC made new progress on the research of adsorptive separation and catalytic reaction. the findings has been published on ACS Catalysis,Applied Catalysis B: General,Chemical Engineering Journal,Fuel. The research focuses ont the key problem of high-efficient adsorptive separation and selective catalytic reduction.   

Unraveling the Diffusion Properties of Zeolite-Based Multicomponent Catalyst by Combined Gravimetric Analysis and IR spectroscopy (AGIR)

Highly stable phosphine modified VOx/Al2O3catalyst in propane dehydrogenation

Adsorption/oxidation of ethyl mercaptan on Fe-N-modified active carbon catalyst

Regulation of synergy between metal and acid sites in the Ni-SAPO-11 catalyst for n-hexane hydroisomerization

More details about the findings:





Updated: 2020-06-11

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