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UPC Obtained New Scores in 2020 MCM/ICM ​

Recently, the result of 2020 MCM/ICM was revealed. China University of Petroleum presents better performance than previous years, getting Finalist Winners (4) and Meritorious Winner(8) and Honorable Mention (20).

20948 teams from America, China, Australia, Canada, Britain and etc., attended the competition. There were six levels, Outstanding Winner, Finalist Winner, Meritorious Winner, Honorable Mention, Successful Participant, Unsuccessful Participant. As one of the most prominent international competitions, MCM/ICM is a widely major event in the field of mathematical modeling. The competition is comprised of MCM (Mathematical Contest in Modeling) and ICM (Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling). The former is an international contest for high school students and college undergraduates. It challenges teams of students to clarify, analyze, and propose solutions to open-ended problems. The contest attracts diverse students and faculty advisors from over 900 institutions around the world. The latter is an extension of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). It is designed to develop and advance interdisciplinary problem-solving skills as well as competence in written communication.

Updated: 2020-05-12

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