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Prof. Hao Muming's Paper Slected into China's Top 100 as the Most Influential Papers

The liquid film lubricated non-contact mechanical seal, represented by spiral groove liquid film seal, has been widely used in petrochemical, aerospace and ship power industries because of its outstanding advantages such as excellent sealing effect and wide application range. However, in some working conditions, the liquid film of end face can be cavitated, which affects the performance of the seal, causes the seal failure and leakage, even harms the environment and affects the equipment operation. The research team led by Professor Hao Muming used the knowledge of fluid mechanics to study the liquid film on the seal face. Through the combination of theoretical simulation and engineering data, the sealing performance parameters such as the gas phase fraction and leakage volume of the liquid film seal under the cavitation phenomenon were obtained, and the influence of these parameters was analyzed, which provided the theoretical basis for the design of mechanical seal.

Professor Hao has been committed to the research and application of fluid sealing technology for many years, and the sealing technology research institute led by him has formed a series of research and development achievements with independent intellectual property rights. The 18 scientific research achievements represented by "Development and Application of Oil Film Sealing Technology for Screw Compressors in Butadiene Plant Process" have reached the international advanced level, and have been successfully applied in petrochemical industry, aerospace industry, oil and gas production and transportation industry. The team has successively undertaken more than 40 subjects such as National Key R&D Program of China, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Projects of "Two Engines" and Scientific and Technological Development Projects of Sinopec Group, and published more than 110 papers, including Tribology International, Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Journal of China University of Petroleum (Edition of Natural Sciences), CIESC Journal and other SCI or EI journals have collected more than 30 articles and authorized more than 40 national patents.

Updated: 2019-12-09

Translated by Sun Xinhui

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