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New Names For Minor Planets Announced by MPCs

On Oct. 26, 2018,  the Minor Planet Circulars(MPCs) announced the new names for nine minor planets, including the minor planet 1997 XR9. It got the new name Yangguanghua by the Small Body Nomenclature (CSBN) of the International Astronomical Union.

      YANG Guanghua(1923-2006) was the president of University of Petroleum(the predecessor of China University of Petroleum). He was the leading expert in chemical engineering and educationist. As one of the founders of Chinese petroleum process and chemical reaction science, the inauguration of petroleum higher education of China, he served as the president and other leadership posts of the university and was deeply respected by the teachers and students.

The minor planet 1997 XR9 was discovered by the Beijing Schmidt CCD Asteroid Program (SCAP) in 1997. It recieved the permanent number '10410'. Number '1' represents the pioneering role that YANG Guanghua played in Chinese petroleum higher education. Number '0410' represents his birthday (He was born on April 10, 1923).

The Minor Planet Circulars (MPCs) (also known as Minor Planets and Comets) are published generally on the date of each full moon by the Minor Planet Center. The Circulars contain astrometric observations and orbits of both minor planets and comets. New numberings and namings of minor planets, as well as numberings of periodic comets, are announced in the Circulars.

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