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Sun Qiming Invited to Participate in the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings

    From Nov. 10 to 11, the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting  was held in Da Nang Vietnam. Sun Qiming, a junior undergraduate from College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering of UPC, attended the meeting on invitation as one of the four Chinese youth delegates. He won the final championship of 2017 Model APEC in September.

    In Vietnam, Sun had a very tight schedule. From Nov. 8 to 9, he listened to the dialogue forum between entrepreneurs and governments, including global CEO of PWC, CEO of Eurasia Group, Vice President of the World Bank, Canada's foreign minister, Peruvian President, Hong Kong's chief executive, President of Mexico, Prime minister of New Zealand, etc. He also listened to the speech given by the President of the Philippines. In the morning of Nov. 10, he attended to the forum which evolved presidents of Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Chile, and listened to the keynote speeches delivered by U.S. president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping. 

    “I was proud to see the prominent position of China in the international economic cooperation.” Said Sun, “Almost every forum had brought about the idea of OBOR and a community of common human destiny.. The leading role of China in international economic development has drawn great attention from heads of states and entrepreneurs. ” As one of the only four delegates participated in such a grand and important meeting,  he has felt very honored and learned a lot from this experience which has broaden his global horizon and would be good for  his future growth.  

   APEC is the economic cooperation mechanism known as the highest level, the widest range and the most influence in Asian-Pacific region. The AELM is the highest-level meeting of APEC and is held annually since its first time in Seattle U.S. in November, 1993. The meeting takes turns among the member countries. 

    The 2017 Model APEC started in March this year, which has attracted more than 10,000 college students from 20 cities to join in. Finally, Sun  Qiming fought his way out into the national final and won the champion. In October, he received the invitation letter to attend the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting.  

Translator: Wu Yingga

Source: UPC News Center

Updatetime: 2017-11-14

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