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30% of UPC Graduates Got Employed by the Global Top 500 Companies in the Year of 2013

  Recently, UPC has released its “Report on  Employment of Graduates, 2013 ”, which is the first report about the employment quality of UPC.

        In 2013, the initial employment rate has reached to 90.68%, among which two majors at undergraduate level, 22 at graduate levels and 13 at doctoral level have come to 100%. Of those who has signed contracts, over 50% has got employed by the global top 500 companies, which indicates a bright employment outlook this year.

  According to the report, there are 6129 graduates in 2013. 1922 students have found a job in global top 500 companies, accounting for 31.36% of the total and 54.51% of those who has signed contracts, among which there are 28 doctors, 564 masters and 1329 bachelors.

  Overall, 30% of graduates chose to work in petroleum and petrochemical companies while another 30% prefer other companies. Almost 30% go abroad for further study after graduation, which has saw an increase year by year and 10% become self-employed. The east and north region are the largest concentration for graduates which attract 70% students to work here.

  The report has touched off hot discussion and reflection among faculties and students. Someone held that it would be irrational to fully depend on it when a student chose a major.  Zhao Fanghui, director of Employment Guidance Center, commented that the report is more a reference than a conclusion and it can’t foresee the employment situation in the following four years. But, as he adds, it will be helpful for the university to get a full picture of the employment and make changes in programmes when necessary. 




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