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Huangdao Forum

Huangdao Forum, initiated by President Hao Fang, is designed to provide a platform for academic communication and development of energy science. It mainly centers on key issues of energy science, application and output of key technologies and hot topics of  interdisciplinary fields. Distinguished academic leaders and scholars at home and abroad will be invited to give lectures on hot topics and share their ideas with students and teachers. It will become a brand event for academic exchange, and play a key role in promoting discipline integration and research cooperation.  


[MAY, 22]

Topic: The Development logic of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

Speaker: HAN Qingxiang, professor, Party School of the Central Committe of C.P.C

[MAY, 09]

Topic: Energy and Atalysis Science and Technology Front

Speaker: LIU Zhongmin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

[MAY, 04]

Topic: Academician Forum on Resources and Envionment

Speaker: Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences: FU Bojie,ZHU Rixiang, ZHENG Yongfei, WANG Chengshan, WANG Huijun, ZHOU Chenghu

[MAY, 03]

Topic: Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence on the Technological Development of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing

Speaker: GONG Jianya, Academician of Chinese academy of Sciences

[APRIL, 24]

Topic: Progress and Future of the Research of Oil-gas Geology

Speaker: LUO Xiaorong, Researcher of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

[APRIL. 08]

Topic: Geomatics in the Age of Big Data

Speaker: LI Deren, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

[MARCH, 30]

Topic: Progress in Mechanics Research of Intelligent Material, Seismal Phononic Crystals and Metamaterial

Speaker: ZHANG Chuanzeng, Chaired professor of Universität Siegen

[MARCH, 27]

Topic: Energy Evolution—From Fossil Energy to New Energy

Speaker: ZOU Caineng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

[MARCH, 09]

Topic: National Strategy of‘Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains' - A Study of Ecological Watershed Construction

Speaker: WANG Hao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering


[DEC. 25]

Topic: New Technology and New Orientation of Oil Production Engineering

Speaker: LIU He, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

[DEC. 20]

Topic: Key Issues and Practice of Tight Reservoir fracturing

Speaker: GUO Jianchun, Professor of Southwest Petroleum University

[DEC. 16]

Topic: New Techniques of Cyclic Displacement and Single Well Injection/Production

Speaker: WANG Demin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

[DEC. 13]

Topic: Mesoporous Materials and Future Energy

Speaker: ZHAO Dongyuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

[NOV. 26]

Topic: Lectures on New Energy Materials

Speaker: CHEN Ping, Researcher of Chinese Acedemy of Sciences; QIU Jieshan, Professor of Dalian University of Technology; MENG Qingbo, Researcher of Chinese Acedemy of Sciences ; LI Feng, Researcher of Chinese Acedemy of Sciences

[NOV. 15]

Topic: Challenges and Advances in the Development of Geosciences

Speaker: Steve Larter, Professor of University of Calgary, Canada

[NOV. 15]

Topic: 1. A Study of Trends and Tracks of Energy Transformation

          2. How to regard the Potential of Chinese Oil & Gas Resources and its Future Status

Speaker: ZHAO Wenzhi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

[OCT. 11]

Topic: The Project of Underground Bright Lump

Speaker: CHEN YONG, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

[JULY, 09]

Topic: Utilization of Solar Energy with Catalysis

Speaker: Rose Amal, University of New South Wales

[JUNE, 14]

Topic: New Metal Foils and Carbon Materials

Speaker: Rodney S. Ruoff, Professor of Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials of South Korea

[JUNE, 13]

Topic: The Theories and Technologies of Unconventional Oil&gas Exploration

Speaker: JIA Chengzao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; SONG Yan, Professor of China University of Petroleum(Beijing); LV Yanfang, Professor of  Chinese Petroleum Society; ZENG Hongliu; Professor of University of Texas

[JUNE, 08]

Topic: Reflection on the Marching Toward the Earth’s Deep Interior

Speaker: DONG Shuwen, Professor of Nanjing University

[MAY, 08]

Topic: Future Directions in IEEE: Nurturing New Technologies and Organizing New Communities

Speaker: Jacek M. Zurada, Professor of University of Louisville

[MAY, 07]

Topic: The Formation of Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability

Speaker: JIN Yong, Professor of Tsinghua University

[MAY, 06]

Topic: Green Development of Energy and Technology Innovation of Oil-gas Engineering

Speaker: GAO Deli, Academician of China Academy of Sciences

[APRIL, 21]

Topic: American Shale Revolution and Chinese Shale Exploration

Speaker: JIN Zhinjun, Academician of China Academy of Sciences

[APRIL, 06]

Topic: The Developemnt and Challenges of Darwinian Evolution: Geology and Paleontology's Contribution

Speaker: ZHOU Zhonghe, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering