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Wu Mingbo Team’s New Achievement Published on ACS Nano

  Recently, ACS Nano publishes “Metal-Organic Frameworks Mediated Synthesis of One-Dimensional Molybdenum-Based/Carbon Composites for Enhanced Lithium Storage”, the latest research achievement in the field of carbon composites for energy storage materials made by Wu Mingbo’s team in State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Research of our university. This achievement proposes a new method for constructing carbon composites for energy storage materials with high performance which has important guidance significance and reference value for the design and synthesis of a new generation of battery electrode materials. Tian Wei, the master degree candidate of grade 2015 majoring in chemical engineering and technology in our university is the first author, professor Wu Mingbo is the corresponding author and China University of Petroleum (East China) serves as the first signature unit.

  The review experts give a good appraisal on the research achievement and believes that the method that organometallic framework assists synthesis of one-dimensional molybdenum base compounds / carbon composites with high lithium storage capacity is of great significance for the compounds of  controllable synthesis of multi-dimensional carbon materials and the synthesis of transition metal compounds / carbon matrix composites which will cause broad attention in the construction of carbon materials and energy storage applications.

  ACS Nano is one of the top journals in the field of chemistry and materials science with broad influence in the world. Articles included by it mainly distribute in the field of nanoscience and technology it has very strict requirements on the originality of the study and the novelty of the structure. The latest influential factor is 13.942.

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                                                                                                      Updatetime: 2018-3-10

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