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Lecture by Prof. Amos Nur from Stanford University

    Lecture 1: The future of Digital Rock Physics

    Time::9:00am, Nov.16

    Lecture 2: Rock physics for Methane Hydrates

    Time: 9:00am, Nov.7

    Lecture 3: Hydrofracing: Induced seismicity and faulting physics

    Time: 9:00am, Nov.8

    Lecture 4: Advances in upscaling: from rock to reservoir

    Time: 9:00, Nov.9

    Venue: Room 324, Enginnering Building C

    Organizer: School of Geoscience

    Introduction: Prof.Amos Nur has been the pioneer of geophyscis of Stanford University and been well known for his research on rock physics. His research interests are Rock physics, tectonophysics, fossil energy exploration, earthquake archaeology. He has been worked in geoscience department of Stanford University since 1970 and selected as the member of The National Academy of Engineering of USA. .

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