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Lecture: Tight Oil Production, Hydraulic Fracturing and Produced Waters - Examples from the Bakken Oil Field, North Dakota, USA

  Speaker: Benedetto De Vivo

  Time:Oct. 21, 9:00

  Venue:Engineering Building C, Room 324

  Organizer: School of Geoscience

  Introduction:Benedetto De Vivo is the professor of university degli studi napoli federico Ⅱ and the visiting professor of Virginia Tech University. He works as the editor of Journal of Geochemical Exploration and associate editior of American Mineralogist和Mineralogy and Petrology. He is the fellow of Mineralogical Society of America and member of Southern Europe Councillor of the Association of Applied Geochemists. His research interests are mainly geochemical analysis, volcano and environmental geochemistry. 

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