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Caili Dai

»Academic title: Professor

»Department: Department of Oil Field Chemical Engineering

»Subjects: Oil Field Development Engineering Subject,Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Subject,Oil and Gas Engineering Field

»Email: daicl306@163.com ;daicl@upc.edu.cn

»Phone: +86 86981183, +86 150-5481-5366


◎Research Interests

(1) Profile control and water shutoff

(2) Chemical flooding

(3) EOR theory and methods of unconventional resources

◎Courses Offered

Oilfield chemistry

◎Research Projects

1. “Study on the mechanism and method of enhancing oil recovery in tight oil reservoirs (83321232)”--- the national “ 973 ” Key Basic Research Program

2. “Study on the theory and key technology of the repair & cycling of shale gas fracturing fluid (51425406)” --- national science fund for distinguished young scholars

3. “Research on the whole profile control and oil displacement technology of chemical flooding in Bohai Oilfield (2011ZX05024)” --- national major projects

4. “Study on preparation, characterization and migration mechanism in porous media of dispersed particle gel prepared by zirconium gel (51174221)” --- the National Nature Science Foundation (general projects)

5. “Study on the synthesis of high efficient foaming agent for the fracturing fluid in coalbed gas reservoir and its aggregation behavior on the surface of coal (20120133110010)” --- Specialized Research Foundation of Ministry of Education Doctoral Program

◎Paper and Publications

In recent five years, over 80 papers have been published in journals and conferences, and here is selected publication:

1. Dai Caili, Wu Xuepeng, Li Weitao, et al. The role of hydroxyethyl groups in the construction of wormlike micelles in the system of quaternary ammonium surfactant and sodium salicylate[J]. Soft Matter, 2015, 11(39). 

2. Dai Caili, Wang Kai, Liu Yifei, et al. Reutilization of Fracturing Flowback Fluids in Surfactant Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery[J]. Energy & Fuels, 2015, 29(4). 

3. Liu Yifei,Dai Caili, et. Al. New insights into the hydroquinone (HQ)�hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA) gel system for water shut-off treatment in high temperature reservoirs[J], Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

4. Dai Caili, Wang Shilu, Li Yuyang, et al. The first study of surface modified silica nanoparticles in pressure-decreasing application[J]. Rsc Advances, 2015, 5(76):61838-61845. 

5. Dai Caili, Ding Qinfang, Zhao Mingwei, et al. Construction and Performance Evaluation of a High Efficient Mixed Foaming System[J]. Rsc Advances, 2015, 5:27978-27985. 

6. Zhao Jianhui, Dai Caili, Ding Qinfang, et al. The structure effect on the surface and interfacial properties of zwitterionic sulfobetaine surfactants for enhanced oil recovery[J]. Rsc Advances, 2015, 5:13993-14001. 

7. Zhao Guang, Dai Caili, Zhang Yanhui, et al. Enhanced foam stability by adding comb polymer gel for in-depth profile control in high temperature reservoirs[J]. Colloids & Surfaces A Physicochemical & Engineering Aspects, 2015, 482:115-124. 

8. Yan Zhihu, Dai Caili, Zhao Mingwei, et al. pH-switchable wormlike micelle formation by N -alkyl- N -methylpyrrolidinium bromide-based cationic surfactant[J]. Colloids & Surfaces A Physicochemical & Engineering Aspects, 2015, 482:283-289. 

9. Zhao Guang, Dai Caili, Chen Ang, et al. Experimental study and application of gels formed by nonionic polyacrylamide and phenolic resin for in-depth profile control[J]. Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering, 2015, 135:552-560. 

10. Zhao Jianhui, Dai Caili, Fang Jichao, et al. Surface properties and adsorption behavior of cocamidopropyl dimethyl amine oxide under high temperature and high salinity conditions[J]. Colloids & Surfaces A Physicochemical & Engineering Aspects, 2014, 450(19):93-98. 

11. Zhao Guang, Dai Caili, Zhao Mingwei, et al. The use of environmental scanning electron microscopy for imaging the microstructure of gels for profile control and water shutoff treatments[J]. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, 131(131):1001-1007. 

12. Dai Caili, Zhao Guang, You Qing, et al. A study on environment-friendly polymer gel for water shut-off treatments in low-temperature reservoirs[J]. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, 131(8):631-644. 

13. Dai Caili, Zhao Jianhui, Yan Lipeng, et al. Adsorption behavior of cocamidopropyl betaine under conditions of high temperature and high salinity[J]. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, 131(12):383-390. 

14. Dai Caili, Zhao Guang, You Qing, et al. The investigation of a new moderate water shutoff agent: Cationic polymer and anionic polymer[J]. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, 131(3):1082-1090. 

15. Dai Caili, Zhao Jianhui, et al. Research and Field Application of Polymer-Multiple Emulsion Crosslinker Gel for the Deep Profile Control[J]. Petroleum Science & Technology, 2013, 31(9):902-912. 

16. Zhao Guang, Dai Caili, You Qing, et al. Study on formation of gels formed by polymer and zirconium acetate[J]. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2013, 65(3):392-398. 

17. Dai Caili, Zhao Guang, Zhao Mingwei, et al. Preparation of Dispersed Particle Gel (DPG) through a Simple High Speed Shearing Method[J]. Molecules, 2012, 17(12):14484-14489. 

18. Dai Caili, Du Mingyong, Zhao Mingwei, et al. Study of micelle formation by fluorocarbon surfactant N-(2-hydroxypropyl)perfluorooctane amide in aqueous solution.[J]. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013, 117(34):9922-9928. 

19. Dai Caili, You Qing, et al. A Study on Gel Fracturing Fluid for Coalbed Methane at Low Temperatures[J]. Energy Sources Part A Recovery Utilization & Environmental Effects, 2011, 34(1):82-89. 

20. You Qing, Dai Caili, Wang Yefei, et al. A Study on Mass Concentration Determination and Property Variations of Produced Polyacrylamide in Polymer Flooding[J]. Petroleum Science & Technology, 2011, 29(3):227-235. 

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