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Opening Ceremony for 2017 Freshmen Held

     On Sept. 6, the opening ceremony for 2017 freshmen was held in gymnasium. University leaders, teachers and new students attended the ceremony.

     On behalf of the university, the president Hao Fang welcomed the new students and hoped that they will live a meaning life in the next four years. He gave three suggestions for their college life. The first is to be brave enough to undertake responsibilities and the missions of the times and the country. The second is to be committed to excellence in study and research. The third is to be good at fostering the noble spirit and morals. 

    Prof. Wang Zhiyuan shared his study experience and gave his advises on life and study, such as how to make up plans and how to deal with difficulties.

  EKATERINA FOMENKO, the new student from Russia was excited to start her new life in China and in the university. As her major for doctoral degree is Chinese Marxism, she hoped that her research would make contribution to the friendship between China and Russia. 

After the ceremony, the reception concert was offered by Shenghua Symphony orchestra.

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