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[Huangdao Forum]Rose Amal Introduced the Utilization of Solar Energy with Catalysis

    On July 10, prof. Rose Amal from University of New South Wales paid visit to UPC and was invited to give a lecture on the topic of the utilization of solar energy  with catalysis. She is well-known as the leading scientist in nanotechnology. 

   The utilization of solar energy has been a new program for energy-saving and  environmental protection around the world. The challenges on energy and enviroment that many countries have been faced with at present have to be delt with renewable energy, especailly solar power. Prof. Rose Amal introduced her team in University of New South Wales and their work on the research of photocatalysis. She focused her lecture on the theory, energy transformation, effluent treatment of photocatalysis. Based on her research and, Rose Amal also expounded the methods to chemicals preparation by the utilization of solar energy  with catalysis.

     Professor Rose Amal is a UNSW Scientia Professor and an ARC Laureate Fellow. Prof. Rose Amal is a chemical engineer and the leader of the Particles and Catalysis Research Group. She is recognised as a pioneer and leading authority in the fields of fine particle technology, photocatalysis and functional nanomaterials having made significant contributions to these related areas of research over the past 15 years. Her research contributions span from fundamental chemistry to applied chemical engineering fields; from material science and nano-research to a specialised photochemistry field. Her current research focuses on designing nanomaterials for solar and chemical energy conversion applications  (including photocatalysis for water and air purification, water splitting, development of indoor self-cleaning materials, low temperature catalytic reactions) and engineering systems for solar induced processes, using the sun’s energy as a clean fuel source.

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