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Jacek M.Zurada: Future Directions in IEEE: Nurturing new technologies and organizing new communities

    On May 8, prof. Jacek M. Zurada (IEEE Life Fellow) from University of Louisville visited China University of Petroleum and gave a lecture on Future Directions in IEEE: Nurturing new technologies and organizing new communities.

     Zurada expounded his topic from different aspects, such as the effect of industrial revolution and technological innovation on the human history, double-faces of technology, the new events and topics for future technology, women's roles in technological development. 

     Beginning with the industrial revolution in Britain, he first introduced the history of technological development and pointed out that inventions at different times, like steam engine, alternator and integrated circuit, brought out the revolutions. As to modern technologies, he stated that technological innovation in some field may be the trigger of the next revolution. 

   As he said, technology has brought great benefits to the whole world, especially smartphones. However, as the saying goes, a coin has two sides. We should realize that the high intelligentization may violate people's privacy and pose a threat on date secuity. Therefore, the problem of morality should be taken seriously and regulations on technology field should be strengthened. 

    Zurada also introduced the hot topics for future research, including 5G, brain study, cloud computing and smart cities. He has high expectation on researchers of the young generation and  hoped that more cooperation should be conducted which is the basic of research. 

  Jacek M. Zurada is the professor of University of Louisville, IEEE Life Fellow. He is also the National Professor of Poland (conferred by the Polish president in 2003 ). Since 2015, he has worked as the distinguished professor in China University of Petroleum and the part-time doctor tutor of control heory and control engineering. His research field is intelligent computing, data mining, neural network,  image processing and SLSI. 

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