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Academician Jin Zhijun: American Shale Revolution and Chinese Shale Exploration

    On April 21, academician Jin Zhijun paid visit to China University of Petroleum and made a report on the theme of American Shale Revolution and Chinese Shale Exploration.

    Jin Zhijun expounded his idea on three aspects: American shale revolution, the present situation of Chinese shale exploration, and the future and challenges of Chinese shale development. 

   He introduced the history of American shale revolution and what we can learn from the revelution. As he said, resource is the basis, technology is the key, policy is the guarantee and benefit is the root. Innovation and progress of theories and technologies are the critical factor and main force of shale development. 

   He explained that shale revolution is a global event. It also has happened in Canada, Argentina, China and Mexico. In recent years, China has made impressive achievements on shale exploartion and development. 

    Looking foward, Jin Zhijun stated that the richful resource and huge exploitable reserves foresee a bright future. At the same time, challenges are still remained to be solved, such as archaic  geological time, volatile storage condition and complex surface condition. Therefore, the key technologies should be worked out and the industrial model for shale exploration should be discovered and adopted. Meanwhile, environmental protection should be given high priority to and sustainable development should be adhered to. Policy support should be carried on which will provide  differentiated subsidy for different regions. 

    In the conclusion,  Jin Zhijun stated that shale exploration in China is a long and arduous course and we should deal with difficulties and challenges by scientific approaches.

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