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Academician Gao Deli: Green Development of Energy and Technology Innovation of Oil-gas Engineering

    On May 7, Gao Deli, the academician of China Academy of Science was invited to Huangdao Forum and made a lecture on the topic of Green Development of Energy and Technology Innovation of Oil-gas Engineering.


 Gao Deli first introduced the present situation of the global available energy and expounded his ideas from four parts: low-carbon energy and green development, challenges of remaining hydrocarbon exploration and development, shale revolution and era of natural gas, complex oil and gas technological innovation.


  Gao Deli explained that, at present, the world has witnessed third energy revolution which is featured with natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy. According to the present trend, we can see that natural gas will be the main part of green energy. He stated that, the nature of energy evolution is the replacement of the main energy and the fundamental transformation of its exploration and utilization modes. Only the energy revolution is carried forward, the limitation of energy resources and ecological environment can be resolved. 

      As he has pointed out, cost decreasing and efficiency improving, and EOR are the key issues of the petroleum industry. As the  exploitation of oil-gas resources is becoming more and more difficult, the severe challenges of engineering technology have to be faced with. Technologies like desrt drilling, deepwater drilling, polar drilling and well engineering, will provide great support for oil exploitation and development. 

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