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Lecture by Prof. William John Lee, Texas A&M University

  Lecture1. Survey of Resource Assessment in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs

  Time:9:00,17, Oct.2016

  Lecture2. Overview of the Petroleum Resources Management System

  Time:14:00, 18, Oct.2016

  Lecture3. Probabilistic Reserves Estimation

  Time:9:00,19, Oct. 2016

  Venue:Room 757, Engineering Building C

  Introduction:William John Lee now is the professor of Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering and also member of National Academy of Engineering. He recieved his PhD of Chemical Enginnering, Georgia Institute of Technology,1963 and has concentrated his research on oil and gas reserves evaluation and gas reservior formation mechanism. He has published several books, Well Testing, Gas Reservoir Engineering, Pressure Transient Testing and is a person of high prestige in the area. 

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