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Lecture by Shuang-Hua Yang, Loughborough University

Speaker:  Shuang-Hua Yang, Professor of Loughborough University
Theme: Chemical Industry Safety and Protection in Internet of Things
Time: 16:00, Nov. 30. 2015
Venue: Room 218, South Teaching Building
Organizer: College of Information and Control Engineering

Professor Shuang-Hua Yang is the Head of the Computer Science Department of  Loughborough University. 
and is the leader of the Networks, Communication, and Control System Research Group.  He has also been a member of the Loughborough University senate since 2012. He is specialized in wireless sensor network (WSN) and has completed a number of large-scale research projects in the area, among which SafetyNET system (www.firesafetyNET.org.uk) and IndeedNET system (www.indeednet.org) have been commercialised.  His research work on wireless network based monitoring and control is seminal in the field of wireless communication and has led to a whole new sub-field, entitled wireless monitoring and control, which has had high impact in both research and commercial technology.  He invented a new energy harvest technology, an adaptive wireless tracking system and a virtual home based security protection approach, which have been applied by a number of industries in the UK.  His pioneering work on Internet-based control has had significant impact despite being still in its infancy. 





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