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Trip to the World Music Culture Lecture Series and Symposium

Lecture 1: The Construction, Concept and Appreciation of World Music

                    Oct. 28th, 19:00, Student Activity Center

Lecture 2: The Dreamland of Indigenous Music: Missing the Homeland by Popular Music of Taiwanese  Aboriginal Peoples.

                    Oct. 29th,19:00, South Building 300

Lecture 3: Modernization, Popularization and Commercialization: Analysis of Islamic Music Development in Java Indonesia ,

                     Oct. 30th, 19:00, South Building 304

Ted Tsung-te Tsai, Professor and Director of Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, Taiwan Mational University of the Arts. He mainly focuses on the research of ethnomusicology ,Southeast Asia music culture,   religous ritual music, music and diaspora. Learn more information: http://ethnomu.tnnua.edu.tw/releaseRedirect.do?unitID=187&pageID=5965




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