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Lecture by Dr. Dong Lifeng, Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science, Missouri State University

  Speaker: Dr. Dong Lifeng, Missouri State University
  Theme: Direct Atomic Imaging of Carbon Nanomaterials
  Time: 9:00-11:00, 24, June (Tuesday)
  Venue: Room 293, Art and Science Building
  Organizer: College of Science

  Dong Lifeng graduated from Portland State University in 2005 with Doctor of Science. He has worked in the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Material Science, Missouri State University since then. Now he is the chief editor of Journal of Nano Energy and Power Research sponsored by American Scientific Publisher and senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He has over 120 SCI/EI publications on journals including Physics Letters and Physical Review B, 2 American patents and 6 Chinese patents.

  His research and professional interests:
  Synthesis and structural characterizations of nanoscale materials and their applications in electronics (i.e. transistors)
  Alternative energy (i.e. solar cells, fuel cells, and supercapacitor)
  Biomedical diagnosis and therapy (i.e. biosensors and the interactions between biomolecules and nanomaterials)

  Additional resources:  Lifeng Dong's personal research website




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